Computer Science Bootcamp

Below you'll find information used in the presentation

After the first session, links to the possible Zoom recordings will be linked below at the bottom of the page

General Information

  1. Links to the PowerPoints (PDF format) (PowerPoint version)
  2. Default .bashrc config if you need to download it or want to look it over (Which you should always do before running something)
  3. Student Resources Maintained by the CSIT Department
  4. CSIT Department Manual gives you more information about the department and its outcomes.
  5. CSIT Documentation Standard. This is the bible of KU CSIT. Read it, understand it, memorize it. Use it and you'll thank yourself later


  1. CSIT UNIX & Emacs Quick Reference. - Run down of UNIX commands and Emacs shortcuts you'll be using
  2. Linux Command-Line for Beginners: Your First 5 Minutes - A great introduction if you need another prospective


This is broken down into tools that work for all OSes, Windows, and MacOS The links are to the tool's website which includes downloads and documentation

  1. FileZilla - (S)FTP Client
  2. Visual Studio Code - Text Editor with tons of capability
    • Recommended Plugins:
    • SFTP plugin (for file transfer)
    • C/C++ for C/C++ suggestions
    • Python for python suggestions
    • Live Server useful for web development
  1. Notepad++ - Light weight and can add features via plugins
    • NOTE: Download the 32-bit version even if your computer is 64-bit. There is a plugin manager which doesn't come with the 64-bit version. Unless you are confident in your ablities to install it, get the 32-bit version.
  2. Putty Download - SSH Client
  3. WinSCP - SFTP Client
  1. Text Wranger - Comparable to Notepad++, provides plugins to add features

Zoom Recordings

Posted shortly after first session